Basic Kitchen Appliances

There are some types of restaurant equipment and supplies that are so effective, they’ve become common items in home kitchens around the world. Mandolines, tongs, professional knives, barstools, restaurant shelving and many other things that are very important parts of the successful restaurant business.

These hand-operated slicing machines with the foldable legs are great for slicing different types of fruits and vegetables. The machine’s different blades produce excellent slices, crinkle and waffle cuts, and different-sized julienne cuts.

The blades on mandolines are very sharp, and great care should be taken when one of these machines is utilized.

Used by myriad restaurant chefs, to grab at hot food items, tongs have largely replaced serving spoons and spatulas in some kitchens. It can take some time getting used to using tongs, but with some practice, users often prefer to use them instead of spatulas or spoons.

Professional Knives
It is now common to see home kitchens outfitted with all sorts of professional chef’s knives. In recent years, good quality, reasonably priced chef’s knives have become available at many department stores, and discount stores.

Panini Grills
The popularity of panini sandwiches at restaurants has led to an increase of people cooking their own panini sandwiches, at home. Most of these small appliances are reasonably priced.

Range Ovens
Restaurant-style range ovens are increasingly being used in home kitchens. These appliances are generally basic in design, and quite durable.

There are gas ranges, and there are electric ranges, but the gas models are the type more commonly used in restaurants. A standard restaurant-style range oven features four burners, two deep ovens, and a griddle, or flat top grill on the top surface.

Portable Countertop Griddles and Flat-Top Grills
For many years, short order cooks around the world have been using flat top grills to produce expertly cooked pancakes, egg dishes, grilled sandwiches, quesadillas, and much more.

Now, these highly useful griddles are being utilized in home kitchens everywhere. A broad spectrum of foods can be cooked on a portable flat top, and the griddles don’t take up a lot of space.

bar stoolsDeep Fryers
Deep fryers have become favorite kitchen appliances in many peoples’ homes. Available in a wide range of sizes and styles, good quality deep fryers are available in a wide range of sizes and styles, and are usually fairly inexpensively priced.


Formerly only found in barrooms and taverns, barstools are now being used for seating in a growing number of kitchens. These seats are just the right size for people that like to eat at countertops or kitchen islands.